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Sozo and the CoffeeBerry®

Sozo is the only company with an exclusive worldwide license agreement to offer CoffeeBerry® from a direct selling company. Sozo markets health products with the most powerful superfood extract on the planet.

Yes, you have heard of many super foods before, such as blueberries, chia seeds, lingonberries or acai berries, but none of them come remotely close to providing your body the nutrients and health benefits as CoffeeBerry®.

Blueberries are high in "antioxidants" and consuming antioxidants provides a large range of health benefits for your body. According to Brunswick Laboratories, a leader in ORAC testing, CoffeeBerry® provides the highest amount of antioxidants from any food item and is 625 times more potent than blueberries.Sozo CoffeeBerry

Why Have You Not Heard About Coffee Fruit Until Now?

There have been previous tries to bring the amazing health benefits of the coffee fruit to the public, but all attempts have failed due to the very short timeframe to preserve the fruit once its picked.


Extensive research began in 2001 by Van Drunen Farms, (VDF) FutureCeuticals, Inc to develop a process that could preserve and stabilize whole coffee fruit, capturing its extraordinary properties. That process of cultivation, harvesting, and processing has now been perfected, patented and trademarked into CoffeeBerry® extract. It took 7 years to complete the process.

CoffeeBerry® Patent Numbers and Information.

The coffee fruit, which is also called the coffee cherry will spoil and loose its nutritional value soon after it’s picked from the coffee tree. This is the main reason the world has not known of the health benefits of the coffee fruit.

VDF is a research and development, production, and marketing company specializing in safe, healthy food and dietary supplements products that has special processing capabilities including: fermentation, refining, freeze drying, drum drying, vacuum evaporation, extraction, milling, grinding and blending.

For centuries, the coffee fruit was hidden in plain sight until VDF patented a multi-step process that allowed everyone to benefit from it.

How Powerful Is CoffeeBerry®?

It is known that antioxidant molecules in food have a wide range of beneficial functions in the body. For example, blueberries provide lots of antioxidants as measured by Oxygen Radical Absorbane Capacity (ORAC). In generic terms, ORAC measures the goodness or healthiness of a substance.

It takes 625 grams of blueberries to equal the antioxidant value in only 1 gram of CoffeeBerry®.

If blueberries provide your body a health benefit via antioxidants, then Coffeeberry® provides 625 times more value and amount of antioxidants.

SoZo CoffeeBerry

However, ORAC is only 1 measurement and there is much to be proven by science to say any given food extract is better or worse soley based on ORAC scores. Which is why a human study was performed to measure the effects of SoZo's CoffeeBerry drink on human biomarkers related to oxidation and inflammation.

Pilot Clinical Study of CoffeeBerry

Read the complete SoZo study

The conclusion of the study: the SoZo group produced statistically significant positive changes in several blood biomarkers related to antioxidant / anti-inflammatory effects.

In 2011, a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study was performed on humans. The study examined the effects of a single dose of a SoZo's nutritional CoffeeBerry® beverage.

The results: At 1 hour post-intake, serum values for 8-iso-PGF2-alpha and advanced oxidation protein products decreased significantly by 40% and 39%, respectively. Additionally, there was a trend toward decreased C-reactive protein, and increased nitric oxide levels. Both placebo group and SoZo group treatment resulted in statistically significant increases in hydroxyl radical antioxidant capacity (HORAC) compared to baseline; SoZo group showed a higher percent change (55-75% versus 23-74% in placebo group), but the two groups did not differ significantly from each other.


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